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I was talking to asdfabout the lag he’s currently experiencing on his computer with the tests we run, and I decided to profile CrashCourse to see what was taking a long time. This lead to a lot of discussion and internet scouring. We decided it would be best to start using vertex buffer objects and vertex array objects, which is from OpenGL 3.2+. Therefore, the current CrashCourse project on github is done, and there will be a new one later. This change will mean that OpenGL 3.2 is now required, and that there will be a stall in development while we get the new stuff going.


That’s all for now, ~Kenzie

So far, The Chair Game (TCG) does not have any chairs. This may be saddening news, but it’s only been a few days. What it does have is a level system, complete with different colored tiles. Each one is laid out using XML tags. It looks like this:

TCG Image

The giant red square is actually a button, and clicking it brings up the mostly-gray background you see. The button responds to any clicks, including left, right, and middle clicks. The xml file used to create this particular file is called level-one.xml, and looks like this:

There is also a sort of reference file that is also usable by the loading code. When we open up the game for map making and the like, I will release that file along with a more descriptive reference.

That’s all for now!