About a month ago I started dredging up some 1 year old projects from the depths of my hard drive. Some of them were almost ready for release, so I’m working on finding out how we’re gonna release things, and then we will dump them there and sell them! Most of them rely on old versions of KCore or on CrashCourse, so this will take a bit of time to do.


I was talking to asdfabout the lag he’s currently experiencing on his computer with the tests we run, and I decided to profile CrashCourse to see what was taking a long time. This lead to a lot of discussion and internet scouring. We decided it would be best to start using vertex buffer objects and vertex array objects, which is from OpenGL 3.2+. Therefore, the current CrashCourse project on github is done, and there will be a new one later. This change will mean that OpenGL 3.2 is now required, and that there will be a stall in development while we get the new stuff going.


That’s all for now, ~Kenzie