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Full Version: Histacom 2.0 What to expect
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(29-04-2015, 09:20 PM)jamierocks Wrote: [ -> ]You can't still portray the history of computers, without using copyrighted names? I am not trying to create a Game Dev Tycoon clone, I just used Game Dev Tycoon as a reference. Tongue Also I can see why you think it's becoming more like ShiftOS, however I can assure you that I do not want that to happen, and nor do you by the sounds Big Grin

I'm Going to take a chill pill and see what happens. Big Grin

<H1>IT WONT!</H1>
You have my assurance, the second anyone thinking we are ripping ShitOS off I will be there fixing that major issues.
No, this is far from being like ShiftOS in my opinion.
(30-03-2015, 11:38 PM)jamierocks Wrote: [ -> ]4. Language support

Not only will we try to make our documentation in multiple languages, we will try to make the game support multiple languages. This will encourage more players, and create a larger and more diverse community.

Can i help translating to Polish?
That would be awesome Daniel. Big Grin


Why are you becoming "Game Dev Tycoon?" The whole point of this game is to simulate the History of WINDOWS!
The idea of doing things in a `Game Dev Tycoon`-style is for 2 main reasons.

1. As to not infringe Microsoft's copyright
This is very important to me coming from a community where licensing turning the community upside down for a short time.

2. To be able to have our own creative style
This will allow us to mimic Windows, while using our own style.

This is NOT to say that the OSs won't be based around Windows: they will!
Okay, thank you! Would we call it like Curtains
94/96 or 99? And I'm glad you're adding some Linux to this already great game.
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