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Modding API
For Histacom 2.0, I have (from our first release) an API planned, in fact it is one of the first parts of creating Histacom 2.0.

As the API will be developed alongside the actual game, it will be immensely powerful, giving developers a lot of freedom!

However, we don't know what modifications people might want to create (beyond new OS's, UI's etc), so this is why I ask for your help...
I want to know what mods you would like to see be made for Histacom, and what they do.
I would like the API to allow player's to make their own code inside the game when they are playing histacom 2.0. This would let them make forms, buttons, textboxes, panels, list views for their graphics, and the logic to their apps. The API would just execute the player's code, and their programs can't modify the game so that their is no cheating.

Hope this idea helpsI would like to

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