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Official IRC Channel
Histacom currently has an open IRC channel found at in the #histacom channel.
You can connect to this using your preferred IRC client, alternatively you can use Kiwi IRC, a free-to-use online IRC client.
To join the IRC channel, it is REQUIRED you are authenticated with NickServ.

  1. This is an English only channel
    Please try and speak English only in our channel as our team do not understand any other languages, making it difficult to moderate the channel effectively. Please also refrain from bastardising the English language through the use of "txt speak" as it is very annoying and has no place on IRC.
  2. Unauthorized IRC bots are not allowed in any Histacom channel under any circumstances.
  3. Pastebin logs, code snippets, anything longer than 3 lines!
    Please use Github Gist or Hastebin.

  4. No spamming or advertising is permitted, whatsoever.
    This includes the bots provided.
Failure to comply with the rules will result in a kick (for any strike) then a ban (3 strikes), anyone caught ban-evading will be instantly banned.
Not only will you be banned from our IRC channel(s), you will have a temporary ban on our forums for three days. After your three day ban, you may make a topic on the forum appealing your ban

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