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Histacom may as well be uncontinued
It has been a year or maybe two years since Histacom started being developed again, and in that time nothing has happened. instead of us actually developing the game we've wasted our time arguing about who should develop the game. If we continue to argue like this then Histacom may as well be uncontinued.
going completely off topic now, i don't really understand why Histacom even needs a rewrite, because the last time i checked the code of the rewrite was as messed up as the code from the vb version. making a rewrite is like being to lazy to fix all the issues in the vb version of Histacom, which by the way isn't that hard to do if you have the patience.
There is nothing to write here.
The rewrite that Random was working on was a mess agreed. However in my very very low amount of free time I am continuing to work on the API ( ) that will drive the development of the Rewrite (eventually).

Jakey is in charge of the VB version and since you mentioned cleaning up the code - I did actually start on just that ( , ). However like I said Jakey is in charge of that version, and unfortunately there has been very little activity in 10 months.

If anyone wants to help out feel free to poke me in our IRC channel.

Something I've been keeping on the quiet but is WIP is that I have been using the framework I will be using for Histacom a fair bit recently, but much like when I passed the Lead Developer of the Rewrite role on - Neptune ( ), aswell as a many other projects has been getting in the way of finding time.

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